I Professionisti del nostro Studio lavorano in una dimensione sia nazionale che internazionale, operando in particolare in inglese, spagnolo e francese.

Siamo partner esclusivi per l’Italia di LEXLINK (, network internazionale di studi legali boutique.

Lexlink is an international network of lawyers engaged in general practice. Each member of Lexlink is authorised to practice law within its own country and can provide legal services there for clients of other Lexlink members using at least English as a language to conduct matters of corporate and business law, international transactions, commercial litigation, arbitration, taxation and private client matters.

The key factor in the Lexlink network is the close contact and cooperation among members and this includes the facility of an office abroad if required. Lexlink members meet each other at least annually and at other times in the year, including instructing one another on behalf of clients”.